5 Secret Manifesting Superpowers

  Charge UP Your Superpowers & Release Resistance To Wealth


Learn and practice how to TRULY  connect with divine guidance to manifest the income, lifestyle and financial freedom you dream of by developing super effective, powerful skills - in just a few days. 



Monday March 1 - Friday March 5th

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How do you successfully manifest money?

In my 20+ years as an on-again, off-again entrepreneur I’ve experienced times when the money flowed easily.  I’ve also seen the years when money just wouldn’t come in.  As I have coached individuals around manifesting over the past 10+ years I didn’t understand why they would use the same exercises but not get results.

Until I challenged myself to manifest $20,000

 I brought in $19,990.00 in less than 60 Days


I had unlocked the keys to my personal Money Manifesting Powers.

 Though they followed the patterns of others, they were unique to me.  

I also better understood my self-sabotaging strategies.

My money story began to turn around

  Many of the women I talk to struggle with similar things:

How do I create the time freedom I desire?

How can I bring in large amounts of money in little time?

When does money show up miraculously?  

  When I was attempting to turn things around I had begun to dream.  I had seen and felt the possibilities.  What if it took me 10, 15, or 20 years to figure out my entrepreneurial journey? If I could have that huge growth in 1-3 years, then it didn’t really matter.  However, I kept thinking “when is it going to happen?"

And then the strategies to unlocking Superpowers began to sink in.   


   I started to understand it was my resistance that had blocked me all along. So after years of barely making it as a coach, I made a plan to tell my story, then to use this story to help hundreds and thousands of women to release themselves from the addictive, self-sabotaging patterns that were keeping them poor.

These skills are super effective and work for ANYONE looking to turn their financial future in ANY line of work . . . and accelerate all other approaches and techniques. I like to call these amazing strategies Superpowers.

Superpowers are what makes a Miraculous Money Manifestor. The good news is, they are 100% teachable!

You don’t have to go through thousands of sessions to figure out what I’ve learned. In this challenge, I will share with you the 5 SECRETS to unlock your superpowers and become a Miraculous Money Manifestor.  


 It is my mission to assist you in discovering your


 In just a few days, I’ll teach you what took me two decades to figure out! (saving you time and $$$)

I have several satisfied clients who I have already manifested amazing results. With my techniques.  Click here to read what they said.

See what you will learn in the challenge


Since 2009, I have been coaching individuals on creating the life of their dreams.

Many of them attracted their soulmate relationship, their ideal job, and unexpected money.  However, it wasn’t until I really had analyzed my personal Miraculous Money Manifestor Superpowers that I really understood my gift was to teach how to receive and multiply money.   It was truly something that came easy to me. . .and not to others.    

Have you decided?

Are you ready to discover your personal Miraculous Money Manifestor Superpowers?  Indecision and procrastination have held you back.  Let me now help you turn that around.      

Challenge Overview

When is the challenge?

    Monday, March 1 - Friday, March 5th

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Where is the challenge and how does it work?  

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Read what my clients have said:

When I began working with Marian I was struggling to prepare for retirement. I had blocks that I had been trying to clear for over 19 years.  In just the first session with Marian we created a shift that immediately opened doors to being able to retire in less than 2 years.   - Francine L  


Working with Marian was life-changing!  I didn’t know I had so much resistance to change.  One year later, though, I had the life I had dreamed of and described to her the first session. - Nancy C

Marian’s techniques to sales and marketing were different than I had ever seen before but after 1 year I had doubled my income and hired 3 new staff members (after 10 years of trying on my own). -Linda T  


Ready to unlock your Superpowers?

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